PRO Camps

PRO Camps & Choreography offers a unique variety of camps and choreography services to those seeking a higher quality in not only their product, but in their overall experience. With exceptional knowledge and passion for what we do, we will set your PROgram to a higher standard and expectation. PRO Camps is here to help you reach both your immediate and long-term goals. The concept is simple… Your success is our success!

Technique Camp

At PRO Camps, we recognize the extreme importance of proper skills training and progression. Techniques used to PROgress are key components for the safety and success of all athletes; especially in our industry. Not only is this service beneficial to athletes, coaches and staff can learn as well. These days, proper training and execution is everything!

Skill Camp

Already have a high level of training and technique? Great! Let’s focus on various skills and transitions that work perfectly for YOUR athletes. Each program is different and we are committed to giving you material that will set your program up for success. PRO Skill Camps’ are a great way to add innovative skills to your squad’s list of talents! Don’t be the standard, exceed the standard!

Spirit Camp

Are you looking for a cheer camp with unique skills and creative material made exclusively for your program? Look no further! PRO Camps is here to put an end to that search. With a mix of high energy crowd leading material and skills training, your PROgram will bring the crowd to their feet on game day!

Skills Choreography Camp

Want PROfessional and exclusive assistance with your stunts or pyramid sequences? Well here you go! Skills Choreography is where PRO Camps will put innovative skills, creative structures and unique elements together to form a sequence that will highlight your team’s amazing ability. Get your “wow factor” on with a Skills Choreography Camp!

Do you have the building skills covered but need PROfessional assistance with the transitional side of routine choreography? Not a problem! Transitional Choreography provides the “ins & outs” to your routine from start to finish. This includes dance! With eye popping, award winning transitional choreography through PRO Camp, you will surely turn heads during your performance!

Are you ready to amaze?! Of course you are! PRO Camps offers FULL choreography that allows you as the coach to kick back and relax because PRO Camps’ got your back! Whether you’re a school, rec, prep, all-star, or collegiate PROgram, we will have your teams well on their way to a season that will be remembered by all!

Need a cheer dance that will set the stage on fire? PRO Camps’ Dance Choreography will bring high level choreography to fuel the fierce cheerleader inside your athletes out like no other! Leave a lasting impression… Call PRO Camps today!

PROformance BOOST Camps

Are your routines ready for THE ultimate BOOST? Do it with an onsite PROformance BOOST Camp! This extremely popular service provides your routines with immediate changes highlighting fresh material, a more transitional layout and increased levels of excitement from start to finish! Why look great when you can look AMAZING?!

MAXimum Video Reviews

Need a PROfessional’s perspective on your routine that will give you an upper hand over your competition? Sounds like a PRO Camps MAXimum Video Review is exactly what you need! By sending in videos of your routines, PRO will do a complete review backed with unparalleled feedback that will change the way the industry views what you put on the floor! So many PROgrams love this service, and so will you!

PROfessional Backing

PROfessional Backing is a FREE supporting service included in your registration! Receive complimentary reviews, online support, updates to material and much more through December 31st of the registered year!

PROcamps Practice Mix

Need something to practice with until your new music comes in?  We’ve got you!  Use the PRO Camps Practice Mix to get your routines rolling after choreography!